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If you are a professor in any college or university and want to create an educational video without taking pain to go to the studio or without editing video, you have a golden chance that will never come again. If you want to prepare a video only by providing text content, then you must watch this video carefully. 

Get your video lecture hosted on the web

You have to provide the material in form of text only and we will create the video for you. Not only videos but interactive videos. We will also host your video class free of cost, and you will get a reward for your knowledge in terms of recognition and at the same time you can help your student with your video lecture. The hosting will be as per the 4 quadrants approach of Massive open online courses (MOOCs) that may help the college and university professors in promotion and appointment. You can check the link here for more details.


Generally preparing video lectures requires good investment in terms of time and money. We are here to simplify the process of preparation of video lecture classes at an amazingly less price. So that you can focus more on the course content, questions and reading materials. No need to deviate yourself, focus on your knowledge and research and we will work hard to convert your knowledge into the form of video lectures. The idea is to save the professors in wasting their time on recording and editing the video. Even though if you will prepare the video after spending your valuable time, hosting your classes as per the 4 quadrants approach will be another challenge.


Don’t miss the chance

So, don’t miss this chance and book your seat. The launch price offer will expire soon. This is a limited time offer that will expire as soon as we will reach that limited number. Immediately mail us to reserve your seat. Make sure that you have checked all the information below and get the unique offer. 


Swayam platform is the government platform where the MOOC course development requirements are discussed. Your coursed will be published on https://clickuniv.com, https://googleshala.com or any other platform with the latest standard and software on the website. 

In this document the criteria for the appointment for the Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors are discussed. 

In page no. 5 criteria of direct recruitment is given. In case of the associate professor and professors the third criteria includes the MOOC development. That is detailed in page no. 75 in point 2. 


What You will Get?

S. No Plan Actual Price in INR Offer Price in INR
1 Video Lecture 10,000/hours 1,700/hours
2 Question Bank 20/question 8/question
3 Hosting 24,000/Year Free
4 Free Membership 600/Year Free
5 MS Office Web Version 1770/Year Free
For one hours video with 100 question you are saving Rs. 35,870

Gift: You will get MS office Premium App and 1 TB web space. Student question answer forum absolutely free. You will get the Free Membership in MS Kaizala to improve your circle and to communicate your seminar, webinar and FDPs. So don’t miss the chance and register through the following link and don’t forget to tic “Register as Instructure“.

User Account – GoogleShala.Com


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