Functional Accounting

Inventory Valuation

This course contains the following chapters

  1. Inventory Valuation
  2. Accounting for Negotiable Instruments
  3. Consignment Accounting
  4. Partnership Accounting
  5. Admission of Partnership
  6. Retirement and Death of Partner
  7. Dissolution of Partnership Firms
  8. Joint Venture Account
  9. Issue of Shares
  10. Issue of Debenture
  11. Final Accounts of Companies
  12. NGOs and NPOs
  13. Branch Accounting
  14. Hire Purchase and Instalment Purchase System

Functional Accounting

Inventory Valuation

Inventory Valuation (Video)

Negotiable Instruments
32 Minute

Negotiable Instruments

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Duration: 22 M 29 S
Lectures: 2
Video: 22 M 29 S
Level: Intermediate




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